Race Ready – Medium-Dark Roast Blend

This medium dark roast blend is a combination of beans from a small group of producers from Marcala?out of La Paz, Honduras. Then put together at Bon Cafe in San Pedro Sula.

Bon Cafe has selected and blended the best amalgam from those farmers in the region. Creating a coffee blend that embodies the heart and soul of the La Paz region.

These are processed by the ?washed? method which means the skin of the fruit and pulp is removed before drying.

When this coffee is brewed just right (pertaining to the right water temp used) usually just off boiling or around 195F the typical bitterness and ashiness is reduced greatly.

Then drinking smaller amounts, as the last few sips tend to fall off in quality as the coffee cools down. Additionally since this coffee has a medium body and cocoa notes, drinking it a little faster (not letting it cool down) keeps the flavor notes at their best through the whole cup.


Current Coffee Specs

  • Continent: Central America

    Country: Honduras
    Region: La Paz

  • Process


  • Altitude

    1200 – 1600 Meters

  • Certification

    Direct Trade

  • Cupping Notes

    Cocoa, Floral, Citrus

  • Roast Profile


Suggested Mods

With this med-dark roasted blend we have found these mods to work well.

  • Don’t over heat the brewing temp
  • Use a smaller amount of bean to grind
  • Cinnamon
  • Maybe a very small amount (I mean small, like a tiny pinch) of salt
  • Normal amount of organic sugar or light agave
  • Normal amount of 1/2 & 1/2

Stay tuned as we fine tune the build specs on this blend!


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