Our Story

Fueled Coffee Company

We have a passion for everything? that burns fuel, be it a super car, race car, lowrider, super bike, dirt bike, off road truck, boat or even aircraft, plus one more thing, we are obsessed with great tasting, premium specialty coffee.

Our goal is to find and use the best beans from around the world and produce the best roast we can, bringing out the hidden flavors and amazing taste notes locked away, providing a new level of coffee in our culture of enthusiasts for all things FUELED to be driven.

Fueled Coffee

Bringing It All Together

So, with our love for premium specialty coffee and the passion for the world wide driven culture, we look to bring the two together. Giving everyone a top tier premium, grower direct, roasted coffee for all of us to enjoy!

Weekend Warrior Blend Coffee Beans Closeup

Funny History Lesson

The popular and most told story, is an Ethiopian legend. Which goes a little like this.

There was a goat herder named Kaldi, who started to notice that his goats had been behaving unusually hyper for a period of time after always eating the red fruit from the local shrubs.

Kaldi decided to try the fruit for himself one day to see what the fuss was all about and felt a burst of energy too like the goats did.

Then the rest…well you know. ?Is history.

Goats on trees because the coffee bean made them do it